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About AuditMate


AuditMate envisions a world where all businesses treat the people inside and outside of their organizations with respect, dignity, and their best interests in mind.


Using our 177 years of elevator industry experience, our business will become the world’s most powerful example of a company that succeeds based on the strategy of doing right by others.

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In the future we are creating, all employees and customers experience trust, transparency, and safety — both physical and psychological — in their interactions with businesses.

auditmate is leading change

Leading Change

As a result, AuditMate will rise as the first fully sustainable, profitable business in its category, but more importantly, a leading change agent throughout business at large.


Ashleigh Wilson

The elevator business is all I’ve ever known; raised in a family of elevator mechanics, inspectors, and business managers. When I entered the industry in my early 20’s, I was passionate about leading global change in an industry rich with history and innovation. I didn’t just see myself as a business manager, I saw myself as an advocate for customers. Success and promotions came quickly, and soon I found myself in the Executive Development Program being mentored by the CEO of the 2nd largest global elevator company.

Over the course of my career, I came to realize that the customer was always an afterthought. I made it my mission to show that by putting people first, the profits would follow. I demonstrated proof of this theory through my team accomplishments and a global research project on increasing portfolio protection by practicing empathy. No matter how hard I tried, I could not shift the corporate mindset from profits to people. 

It was at that moment, I could no longer be complacent.

AuditMate was founded out of a fiery passion for people. We should be in business to help people, to empower people, and make the world a better place. I have learned in order to change the world, we can’t do things as we always have. In order to advocate for my customers and coworkers, I needed to create a culture founded on people. 

In order to do well, we must start by doing good.

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People First

We are in business to help people. When it comes to doing what's right for people vs. doing what's right for the business, we always choose to do what's right for people.

Moral Compass

Everyone's moral compass is a little different. What's important is that you have one. We act according to our conscience, not according to what will make us the most profitable.

All-Around Safety

Physical and psychological safety are paramount to us, especially in a world where we continue to discover ways, both subtle and overt, in which communities of people feel threatened or held back by other people's actions.

Cooperative Excellence

None of us succeeds in a vacuum. Through teamwork, we can maintain the positive cycle of customer success and business success.

Respectful Simplicity

Simplicity isn't a nice-to-have, it's an important sign of respect to everyone in our professional universe. We strive to facilitate understanding without veering into condescension.

Proactive Inclusiveness

It's not enough to say we support diversity. We go out of our way to incorporate every imaginable type of diversity into our business.

Heart-Centered Courage

We uphold our values with courage and, where necessary, with loving protection of what we stand for as a company. Our values are a source of strength in all we do, and we take action to uphold them.

Community Strong

We don't just speak our values, we embody them. When we say we put people first, it is not just our team and our customers, it is also our communities. We believe that we should contribute and be apart of the communities we inhabit.

1% Profits

1 Day per Quarter

Contributed to our communities


Founding Mates

Ashleigh Wilson

Founder & CEO

Joe Stumph


Andrea Arceneaux CTO Auditmate

Andrea Arceneaux


cheryl porro auditmate

Cheryl Porro

Technology Advisor

ben mcgrath auditmate

Benjamin McGrath

Mate Support

Sierra Stonich Auditmate

Sierra Stonich

Director of Operations

Damar Allen Auditmate

Damar Allen

Customer Success Manager

Harley Ruder

Harley Ruder

SAFE Contract Specialist

Lorena Cristobal Auditmate

Lorena Cristobal

Manager of Data Analytics

Olbik Ellis Mate Support Admin

Olbik Ellis

Mate Support Admin

Matt Landau Director of Product

Matt Landau

Director of Product

Shaun Farrugia Director of Engineering

Shaun Farrugia

Director of Engineering

Calob Anderson

Calob Anderson

Account Executive

Mark Higinbotham

Mark Higinbotham

Repair Manager

Taya Penn

Taya Penn

Partnerships and Business Development Manager

Taya Penn

Taya Penn

Senior Account Executive and Training Manager

Jenn Lee CARE Invoicing and Support Technician

Jenn Lee

CARE Invoicing and Support Technician

Sharmaine Thomas

Account Exec

Shaun Farrugia Director of Engineering

Shaun Farrugia

Director of Engineering

Jade Liang

Mate Experience Designer