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Only Pay What You Owe

Make your contract work for you.
Pay what you owe, not a dollar more.


Never Question an Invoice Again

We audit every invoice for accuracy based off your contract and service call details.


Cancellation Concierge

Never miss a cancellation window again! We will notify you when your cancellation is coming and provide you with options.

Should you wish to receiving pricing from other vendors, we’ll handle all the paperwork.


Simple Dispute

We gather all the details required for a simple dispute. Just click "dispute", we’ll handle the rest.


Powerful Insights

Your data now works for you. CARE provides powerful insights like maintenance completion
rate, average response time, and the percent of inaccurate invoices, just to name a few.


Proposal Review

Receive a proposal for additional work from your vendor?

We will audit the price and scope of work aginst your contract to
ensure you’re getting the best deal.

CARE reminders & alerts

Reminders and Alerts

We monitor your service vendor, so you don't have to.

We will end you reminders and alerts of any missed visits or important dates.

You are Not Alone

We make tough decisions easier.

Compare your Price

See how your price compares to market value.

Review a Proposal

Send us your repair proposals to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Review an Inspection

Send all state write up’s our way, we’ll provide an analysis.

CARE cancellation reminder

Cancellation Reminder

You're protected with our Cancellation Concierge.


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