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SAFE Repair

Get exactly what you need.

Nothing more. Nothing Less.


Data Driven Analysis

We work closely with you to uncover the reasons for repair like reliability, tenant satisfaction, etc., then combine this with your current building analytics.

Most vendor contracts are vague and do not specify maintenance schedules, response times, or cap annual increases. With an AuditMate contract, you are in control of the service you get. Vagueness is no longer an option.


RFP Concierge

We prepare the RFP documents and each vendor then provides their best value and performance driven solution to meet your needs.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of multiple vendor proposals. Plus vendor data retrieved from your current maintenance records. Don’t just compare on price; compare on fulfillment rates, number of callbacks, and response times.


Vendor Comparison Report

Each proposal is evalauated based on overall scope, product performance, product lifecycle, and schedule.

Additionally, each vendor is also examined for staffing capabilities and maintenance performance. While it’s hard to compare apples to apples with varying scopes, we extrapolate and rank all data points, basically making you apple juice, giving you a simplified way to compare… Juice to juice.

SAFE to select

SAFE to Select

Armed with data and our expertise, you are in a great place to make a data driven decision.


We are with you every step of the way.


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We make decisions simple.

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