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Elevator Contract Compliance

Vendor Performance Auditing

All maintenance, breakdowns, testing, and compliance is audited using AI 

Invoice & Proposal Auditing

Every invoice & proposal is audited based on contract terms, equipment type, and industry standards

Vendor Management

AuditMate does all the heavy lifting from data collecting, auditing, and communicating with the vendor

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CARE Elevator Auditing & Management Software

4x ROI

We are on a mission to empower building owners and managers with data-driven maintenance auditing products that radically simplify vendor management and selection. Essentially, we manage owners’ vertical transportation portfolios on their behalf with smart people and smarter technology. This has resulted in a 25% increase in maintenance hours and a 25% decrease in costs.
We speak elevator, but work for you!

Product Features

AuditMate extracts and analyzes all vendor activity data ensuring contract compliance and cost savings!

Analyze Vendor Compliance Data

  • Maintenance
  • Breakdowns
  • Repairs
  • Testing
  • Local Compliance Regulations
  • COI

Analyze Financial Data

  • Maintenance Invoice
  • Breakdown Invoice
  • Proposal
  • Service Default Refunds
Data Collection

AuditMate collects data directly from the vendor without manual input from the vendor or property manager.

Proactive Auditing

All records are proactively audited on over 400+ data points ensuring contract compliance.

Real-Time Alerts

AuditMate is monitoring for contract compliance and equipment health. We will notify you of any issues in real-time!

auditmate maintenance completion

Free 12-Month
Contract Analysis

We find that building owners and managers are only receiving 50% of what they pay for! Get your 12-month elevator audit, which includes:

  • Scope Review
  • Maintenance Completion Audit
  • Breakdown Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • ROI Analysis




“We have been working with AuditMate for the past few months and it has been a game changer! We knew we were being overcharged for service we DIDN’T need and not getting the quarterly maintenance visits we DID need but were stuck in a 5-year contract. Since AuditMate stepped in, they have negotiated lower prices and credit for past unwarranted invoices. We are suddenly facing a major elevator repair and AuditMate has arranged for 3 bids outside of our contract. Plus, unlike our elevator contractor, AuditMate keeps us updated every step of the way. We could not happier! We highly recommend AuditMate to anyone maintaining an elevator — so refreshing to not be furious all the time!”
Jennifer Grant, Director of Finance & Operations 
SF LGBT Center


“It is almost like an insurance plan for us! There is a need, the elevators have to be managed and with technical expertise.”
Jason Smith, Executive Vice President

Free Audit


12-Month Vendor Performance Audit

Are you getting the elevator maintenance that you’re paying for? Find out today.


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