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Free Contract Analysis


Are you getting what you pay for?

On average, clients are only receiving 50% of their contract value – Don’t let that be you! Find out exactly the value you are currently receiving with our FREE ELEVATOR CONTRACT ANALYSIS.

What is it?

A 12-month scope of work and vendor performance audit that generates powerful insights about your contract terms, the vendor’s contract fulfillment rate, your equipment’s health, and cost savings opportunities.

How it works:

• Fill out the form

• Tell us about your current service

• Upload your contract & maintenance records

• We present the results!

What you get:

• Maintenance Audit 

• Breakdown Audit

• Testing Audit

• Compliance Audit

• Cost Savings Opportunities

Contract Terms & Conditions

A comprehensive review of the scope, legal terms, and conditions of your elevator maintenance contract with recommendations on how to increase your service and protection.

auditmate contract terms

Maintenance Completion

A 12-month analysis of your vendor’s maintenance completion rate, the average duration of maintenance, and maintenance quality.

auditmate maintenance completion

Callbacks & Repairs

12-month review of your elevator trouble calls and repairs frequency, root cause, and average response time.

Testing & Compliance

An analysis of your current risk and exposure.

auditmate testing and compliance

It is almost like an insurance plan for us! There is a need, the elevators have to be managed and with technical expertise.”

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