While you might not think of technology that plugs into elevator maintenance record-keeping as proptech, my hope is after listening to this interview you’ll see how this must be considered proptech. Ashleigh Wilson, CEO of Auditmate, breaks down the massive opportunity her company is capitalizing on, in the world of elevator and escalator maintenance.

The short story is elevator maintenance contracts are too often confusing and difficult for property managers and owner-operators to understand and effectively enforce. This leaves contracted maintenance not getting done, but still having to be paid for. Long-term, however, maintenance left undone can mean early replacements for expensive parts and systems. Auditmate tracks and reports maintenance that is performed, per the contract, and when it’s not done correctly they seek refunds for their clients. Ultimately, Auditmate has found a niche slice of the industry that desperately needs to be brought up with the current times and very little competition to battle for market share.

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