Episode 291 Ashleigh Wilson – Being Great Leaders Helps the World

Leaders create such a huge impact in the lives of the people they lead and those surrounding them. How do we create significant value? Ashleigh Wilson highlights that it is a big no to sacrifice people’s dignity or well-being in order to achieve success. Instead, it helps to look at the value of the human being, establish connections, and provide for their needs for both the individuals and the business to thrive.

Ashleigh Wilson is a San Francisco-based Entrepreneur, raised by a used car salesman and an elevator guy. Tapping into her roots, Ashleigh opened and sold multiple small businesses by the age of twenty until ultimately landing in the elevator business. She excelled in the industry and was leading global research projects and being mentored by the CEO of one of the leading elevator companies.

It was quickly discovered that the customers were an afterthought and she made it her mission to prove that putting people first is profitable. Ashleigh left the corporate world and founded AuditMate, the first-ever elevator and escalator auditing and management software. Ashleigh is a CEO who gets results without sacrificing human dignity. In this new vanguard of leadership, if you’re not values-based and human-centric in your approach, no one succeeds. Be excellent to each other.

Join us to hear more about Ashleigh’s story and how shifting one’s mindset about treating employees helps towards success in today’s business world.

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