Leveraging AuditMate for Elevator Modernization

One of the most under-appreciated assets of our modern buildings are elevators.  It’s like the internet.  No one ever says, ‘Wow that’s so awesome that my internet worked flawlessly today.  By the same token no one ever says, “That is so great that we did not get stuck in that elevator today. Elevators relentlessly carrying people to their desired floors every single day.

But who takes care of the caretakers? Who ensures these mechanical marvels are properly maintained and serviced according to their strict maintenance schedules and contracts? That’s where AuditMate steps in – a trailblazer in the field of elevator audit software.

What Exactly is AuditMate?

AuditMate is software that aims to revolutionize how building managers keep up with elevator maintenance and repair contracts.

In a nutshell, it’s a web-based service that helps solve the tricky issue of making sure maintenance companies follow through on their contractual agreements. Building owners often struggle to stay on top of vendors to ensure they deliver on promised services and timelines.

AuditMate offers a smooth, centralized solution so managers don’t have to waste time nagging various vendors or decoding confusing paperwork. Its online platform streamlines oversight of maintenance activity across all elevators, vendors, and contracts.

Why are Elevator Audits a Big Deal?

You don’t want to step into an elevator expecting a smooth ride only to get an unpleasant jolt or even get trapped due to lack of maintenance. Regular auditing prevents these kinds of issues. It’s not just for comfort but also for safety and building code compliance. However, elevator auditing has been an opaque, technical process.

Enter AuditMate: The Data-Driven Game-Changer

AuditMate Makes Auditing Straightforward

AuditMate offers data-powered auditing products to demystify the complexity of elevator servicing. With its easy-to-use interface, managing vendors is simple and painless. This ensures the elevators are safe, reliable, and meet all regulations.

Tackling Elevator Hurdles

One thing AuditMate really helps with is giving building managers the full picture of what’s going on with their elevators.

The software tracks all the maintenance schedules across elevators and vendors. It sends up a red flag if anything looks off or if service agreements aren’t being fully followed. AuditMate helps keep a close eye on whether providers are doing everything promised in the contracts. 

This oversight is so important for safety and making sure elevators have a long lifespan. When maintenance lapses, elevators can start having major issues or even dangerous breakdowns. AuditMate helps managers stay on top of problems before they happen.

A Closer Look at AuditMate’s Offerings

What truly sets AuditMate apart is its comprehensive suite of features. These include:

  • Real-time Auditing: Instantaneously track the status of your elevators.
  • Contract Compliance Monitoring: Be alerted to any deviation from your service agreement.
  • Check Vendor Performance: AuditMate lets you easily gauge how well your maintenance vendors do their jobs compared to industry standards.
  • Maintenance Schedule Adherence: Ensure your elevators are serviced on time, every time.

User Experience: The Heart of AuditMate

AuditMate was designed with the user in mind. It lets you monitor elevators without having to learn a bunch of complicated commands or advanced skills. Everything is laid out in a simple, logical way so you can focus on your job, not wrestle with software. Even if you’re not super tech-savvy, you’ll quickly get the hang of navigating the platform.

The SEO Edge of AuditMate

From an SEO perspective, AuditMate is a dream subject. It targets the niche market of elevator maintenance, a topic ripe with keywords that are specific and frequently searched by industry professionals. Keywords such as “elevator audit software,” “vendor management,” and “maintenance schedule adherence” are integral to the platform’s visibility online.


AuditMate gives total peace of mind to building owners, managers, and those using the elevators.  It lifts the whole standard for safety and maintenance to new heights. 


Frequently Asked Questions | AuditMate

Frequently Asked Questions | AuditMate

FAQs About Elevator Service Contracts and AuditMate

1. What makes AuditMate different from other auditing tools?

 AuditMate stands out due to its laser-focused elevator auditing. It’s customized to match the particular needs around tracking maintenance and managing vendors for elevators.

2. How does AuditMate ensure the maintenance schedules are strictly followed? 

AuditMate uses real-time tracking and notifications to monitor maintenance activities, ensuring schedules are followed and any deviations are promptly addressed.

3. Can AuditMate be used for buildings with multiple elevators from different vendors?

Absolutely, AuditMate is designed to handle multiple elevators and vendors within the same platform, offering a centralized management system for ease of use.

4. Is there a steep learning curve associated with AuditMate? 

No, AuditMate prides itself on its user-friendly interface that’s accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise, making the learning curve gentle.

5. How does AuditMate help in the case of a contract dispute with a vendor? 

AuditMate provides detailed records and analytics of vendor performance, which can be invaluable evidence during contract disputes, ensuring accountability and transparency.

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