Nick Hughes is joined by Ashleigh Wilson, Founder and CEO Auditmate from San Francisco. AuditMate has raised over 2.5 Million in funding and is managing hundreds of elevator portfolios for clients like Nuveen, CBRE, JLL, Stanford Health, and more.  Ashleigh is on a mission to educate and empower building owners and managers to get the most of their elevator contracts while keeping passengers safe.

As the episode starts, Nick and Ashleigh open with their approaches to planning and goal setting as the new year begins. Ashleigh shares how the New Year allows for you to visualize where you want to go and ‘what’s your story?’ We then hear about her background and why she chose entrepreneurship. They discuss ideas around Permission To Be Human – allowing space for our whole selves and they talk about human centered leadership and how to balance empathy and performance standards. Next, we hear more about Auditmate, what problems did they see in the market and how are they solving them. They discuss how to bring fundamental change to old traditional industries, which can be difficult.  Lastly, we hear where Ashleigh wants to take AuditMate and the lessons and advice she gives to early stage entrepreneurs. This is an incredibly inspiring conversation with an up and coming leader in our industry, we hope it helps you today.

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