Understanding the Life Cycle of an Elevator: From Installation to Decommissioning

Imagine you step into a sleek metal box, the doors slide shut, and suddenly, you’re whisked away, effortlessly gliding up multiple floors within seconds. Have you ever wondered about the secret life of these unsung heroes that make vertical mobility possible for millions of people every day? If you’re a decision-maker in the realm of innovative SaaS software, get ready to embark on a fascinating journey – from the birth of an elevator to its eventual retirement.

Today, we unravel the stages that define the life cycle of an elevator and discover how AuditMate, our leading elevator audit software, plays a pivotal role in ensuring their smooth and safe operation throughout their remarkable journey.

The lifecycle of an elevator spans several stages, from installation and maintenance to eventual decommissioning.Understanding these stages and managing them effectively can have significant implications on safety, efficiency, customer satisfaction, and cost management.

The Stages of an Elevator Lifecycle

The journey of an elevator begins with its installation, a process that must adhere to rigorous safety standards. The next crucial stage is maintenance, where regular inspections and timely repairs ensure the elevator functions optimally, minimizing the risk of accidents. 

Eventually, like all mechanical systems, elevators reach a point where repairs are no longer cost-effective or feasible, leading to the final stage of modernization or decommissioning.

Role of AuditMate across the Elevator Lifecycle

AuditMate, a leading SaaS elevator audit software, plays a vital role across the entire elevator lifecycle. From the maintenance stage, AuditMate ensures adherence to maintenance contracts and schedules, contributing to minimizing the risk of accidents and maximizing uptime, thus enhancing safety and customer satisfaction. Effective maintenance also ensures that you get the maximum life expectancy out of your elevator.

By auditing invoices for correctness, AuditMate ensures that you pay only for the services received, thereby helping manage maintenance costs effectively. This can be particularly significant in the later stages of an elevator’s life, where repair costs can mount rapidly.

Moreover, AuditMate’s data-driven approach provides valuable insights over the long term, assisting in making informed decisions about when to undertake repairs and when to move to the decommissioning stage. These insights could potentially extend the lifespan of your equipment and ensure your investment offers maximum returns.

In-House vs. Outsourced Elevator Maintenance

Whether maintenance is managed in-house or outsourced, AuditMate proves to be an invaluable asset. It helps monitor vendor performance in outsourced scenarios, ensuring adherence to contracts, and aids in-house teams in managing schedules and costs. Regardless of the maintenance model, AuditMate simplifies vendor management, boosts safety measures, and promotes customer satisfaction.


Q1: What are the key stages in the lifecycle of an elevator?

A: The lifecycle of an elevator spans installation, maintenance, and eventually, decommissioning. 

Q2: How does AuditMate help in managing the lifecycle of an elevator?

A: AuditMate ensures adherence to maintenance schedules, audits invoices for correctness, and provides valuable insights for informed decision-making about repairs, upgrades, and decommissioning.

Q3: Can AuditMate help extend the lifespan of an elevator?

A: Yes, by aiding in effective maintenance management and offering insights for repair and upgrade decisions, AuditMate can potentially extend the lifespan of an elevator.

Q4: Is AuditMate useful in both in-house and outsourced elevator maintenance?

A: Absolutely. AuditMate helps monitor vendor performance in outsourced scenarios while aiding in-house teams in managing schedules and costs effectively.

Q5: How can AuditMate enhance customer satisfaction during the elevator lifecycle?

A: By ensuring minimized downtime and optimal elevator performance through regular maintenance, AuditMate can significantly enhance customer satisfaction.

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