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Why Choose CARE?

If you’re confused and frustrated by your building maintenance contracts, you’re not alone. (In fact, we think it makes you perfectly normal.) Elevator maintenance contracts make it difficult for just about everybody to understand. At AuditMate, it’s our job to cut through the confusion with our Contract and Regulatory Evaluation Subscription (CARE).

Imagine if handling contracts was the easiest part of your job. You’d automatically know when to expect service, easily request updates, and trust your invoices. You’d save time, money, and energy. It’s not too good to be true—it’s simply the next step in building maintenance technology.

Built by veterans of the elevator industry, AuditMate is a first-of-its-kind SaaS product for property owners and managers. We take the mystery out of maintenance contracts so you can get the most out of what you signed up for. Maintaining your building can be a hard job, but understanding your elevator contracts doesn’t have to be.

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Get What You Pay For

We monitor your service provider, so you don’t have to. All maintenance, testing, and trouble call documents will be rerouted to us, we will audit each deliverable.

Leave the heavy lifting to us.


Only Pay What You Owe

Make your contract work for you. We audit every invoice for accuracy based off your contract and service call details.

Gone are the days rooting around proving why an invoice is invalid. We provide all the data required for a smooth and easy dispute, just click “dispute” and your job is done.


Never in the Dark

We don’t expect you to be an elevator expert. We bring together your contract, maintenance, invoices, and compliance to one dashboard.

Every deliverable is audited for accuracy based off the terms of your contract.

You are Not Alone

We make tough decisions easier.

Compare your Price

See how your price compares to market value.

Review a Proposal

Send us your repair proposals to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Review State Inspection

Send all state write up’s our way, we’ll provide an analysis.

CARE cancellation reminder

Cancellation Reminders

You're protected with our Cancellation Concierge.

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