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Elevator Maintenance Contract

With AuditMate Maintenance Agreements, contracts are built to protect you. Transparency Required.


Transparency Required

We work together to build a simple contract that is built to protect you.

Most vendor contracts are vague and do not specify maintenance schedules, response times, or cap annual increases. With an AuditMate contract you are in control of the service you get. Vagueness is no longer an option.

SAFE maintenance data driven results

Data Driven Solution

We use your data combined with our 177 years of experience to build the scope of your contact.

We pull in historical data from your current elevator maintenance contract, maintenance records, and state inspections to provide a specification that is holistic and fills the gaps in your current contract.


Vendor Comparison Report

Together we will review your vendor comparison report.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of multiple vendor proposals, plus vendor data retrieved from your current maintenance records. Don’t just compare on price; compare on fulfillment rates, number of callbacks and response times.


SAFE to Select

Now you are in a SAFE place to make the best decision for your vertical transportation needs.

The lowest monthly price is not always the lowest year to date price. We help compare apples to apples and we will even help throw out the bad ones.


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We make decisions simple.

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