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Why Choose SAFE?

If you absolutely dread the RFP process and it feels like the vendor is your best friend during RFP season, and then they disappear. You are not alone. We wholeheartedly believe that relationships matter and trust is earned through performance backed by data.

The Specification and Field Evaluation (SAFE) RFP process is simple, easy to understand and based on the facts. We build a specification based on your building needs and our expert advice. All data, specifications and project management is displayed on your SAFE portal. All you have to do is decide what’s best for your building.

Make your data work for you! All existing data from your CARE account will be used to build the exact specification you need, making your decisions even simpler. Enterprise customers, use your powerful nationwide portfolio data to make decisions. Your portfolio becomes your personal datacenter packed with insights.

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Maintenance RFP

The problem with comparing apples to apples is they all don’t come from the same tree. 

We collaborate with you to build the right contract for your equipment and require transparency from the vendor. Data is used to grade vendor performance by city, manufacturer and equipment type. Allowing you to make a decision based on facts, not hearsay.

No vague terms, no hidden agendas.

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Modernization RFP

Simply stated, elevator modernizations are complicated and expensive.

With AuditMate’s data driven approach, we uncomplicate the process and provide you with options tailored to your needs. With varying packages, we can find a solution that fits in your budget.


Major Repair RFP

Major repairs are one of the main profit areas for elevator companies.

Many large repairs have significantly inflated material and labor pricing. With our Major Repair RFP, we will build a specification that suits your needs and ensure you are getting a fair price.

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Physical Audit

Because sometimes you need to take a look.

While our CARES program audits all contract deliverables and invoices, sometimes a physical audit of your equipment and machine rooms is required to ensure your equipment is healthy and getting the required attention. If you feel your equipment is not operating as it should, we’re here to help.


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We make decisions simple.

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