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SAFE Elevator Inspection

While auditing data is crucial,
sometimes you need expert eyes.


Data Deep Dive

As always, we start with data.

The process begins with a full analysis of previous maintenance and an in depth interview to determine the scope required for a physical elevator audit.

SAFE maintenance data driven results

Find a QEI Inspector

We will then send out an RFP to qualified QEI inspector.

We will provide you an analysis of inspectors based on scope and price, then get the physical audit scheduled.


Physical Audit Report

AuditMate Experts combine your maintenance data with the QEI inspectors analysis to deliver a full Physical Audit Report.

The full report includes a vendor punchlist to get all equipment in good working condition.

SAFE audit

Transparency Required

Your SAFE Audit will be managed through your SAFE Portal, providing full transparency.

Sit back and see the value roll in as the tasks get completed.


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