Elevator maintenance contracts are built to be confusing, but not AuditMate’s SAFE Maintenance agreements. Elevator industry contracts are designed to protect the vendor and are riddled with vague, squishy language with respect to maintenance frequency, work hours, response times, and coverage. What does “periodic” maintenance mean? What does obsolescence include? Whatever your vendor says they do. Not very comforting, right?

Many customers have tried to avoid these issues by hiring a traditional consulting company to write a custom elevator maintenance agreement. Unfortunately, a typical consultant contract is often so complex and lengthy that they become unmanageable and offer little real transparency. The customer is buying a lot of jargon with little accountability and is left holding the bag to determine whether compliance is occurring.

The result is that standard manufacturers’ contracts have no minimum maintenance requirements and little to no customer recourse while consultant contracts typically see only a 50% completion rate. So in the end, the customer is frustrated and still not getting what they need: actual elevator maintenance and knowledge that it is being provided.

AuditMate SAFE Maintenance Contracts are the only elevator maintenance contracts that clearly require a measurable scope of work, require vendor transparency, and ensure enforceability. We have eliminated all the vendor loopholes and removed all confusing language. All SAFE Contracts include:

  • Specified elevator maintenance schedules including minimum frequency, defined coverage, and tasks, & duration

  • Specific callback response times

  • Specific repair coverage and obsolescence language

  • Specific language designed to reduce your out of contract costs

What makes AuditMate SAFE Maintenance contracts special and separates us from the pack is that they are enforceable with clearly defined liquidated damages clauses for non-performance. How do we achieve enforceable results? First, Auditmate agreements require full transparency on all activities, which means mechanic check-in and check-out times, a detailed description of the work performed, and all other relevant data. Second, this data is fed into our software monitoring system and via CARE we compare all the vendor data against the contract requirements. If the vendor does not complete the work required by your contract, you get your money back. Stop paying for maintenance you are not receiving!

With an AuditMate SAFE Maintenance agreement coupled with an AuditMate CARE subscription, you will know with certainty whether maintenance is being performed, you will have tools to enforce the agreement, and you will get what you are paying for. In addition, CARE reviews all invoices and proposals, you will have confidence that you are not being improperly overcharged for billable services and that you have the understanding to determine whether proposed upgrades are suitable for your equipment and your budget.

With AuditMate SAFE and CARE know what you are paying for and actually receive 100% of your contract value.

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