Sierra Stonich

At the outset of my facilities maintenance career, my elevator vendor was my favorite vendor. From the technician, to the sales representative, to the superintendent and the office staff – dealing with my vendor was fun, and they were all people I looked forward to working with.  If someone had told me I needed AuditMate’s services, I would’ve shrugged it off because I knew my vendor was taking care of me.

Fast forward some years, and I landed a job working with this same team as I pivoted my career to the niche specialty:  selling and managing elevator maintenance contracts.

Now, with the lens of hindsight and experience, I can definitely say that I could have benefited from AuditMate’s services in my previous role.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I did not fully understand things like the differences between elevator contracts and service intervals, how response times and parts coverages were negotiable.  But primarily, I didn’t understand how these contracts were built to favor the vendor and to help continually increase profits, to the detriment of the equipment’s health.  As good as my relationships were, my elevator maintenance contracts could have been better.

Still, at the time, I would have hesitated to initiate Auditmate services out of concern of damaging the beneficial and amicable relationship I had with my vendor.  (Ironically, my old facility is currently an AuditMate customer).

If you are intrigued by AuditMate services but have a great relationship with your vendor, please reach out!

Our primary goals are:

  • providing our customers with the transparency they need to make the best decisions for their elevator equipment and property
  • navigating the intricacies of any agreement to ensure our customers are presented with the best options for their unique situations
  • making sure our customers don’t pay for any services they aren’t getting, or paying too much for any service
  • acting as a conduit for communication between our customer and their elevator vendor – we WANT your relationships to be FANTASTIC!

So don’t hesitate to talk with AuditMate out of concern you may ruin a good thing.  We are here to break down all the terms of your agreement, show you where there’s room for improvement while saving you time and money, and to create transparency and harmony with your vendor.

Contact us today for your Free Contract Analysis to see how your vendor contract stacks up!

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