Elevator contracts are confusing, it’s them, not you.

Did you know, customers are only receiving an average of 50% of the elevator services they are paying for?

This is largely due to the confusing, vague contracts and time required to manage an elevator vendor. You likely wouldn’t try to complete your taxes alone, so why would you try to manage your elevators alone? You have far better things to do! Auditmate is a full-service vertical transportation management company. At the center of everything we do, is CARE, our contract and regulatory evaluation software.

CARE is the first-ever escalator and elevator auditing software that manages and audits all aspects of your day-to-day elevator operations. CARE makes it easy for you to manage your elevator maintenance vendor. Never miss a maintenance visit again or pay more than you should on an invoice or proposal. CARE audits your maintenance, testing, invoices, proposals & compliance in real-time 24/7/365. Besides being frustrating, we find 30% of invoices and proposals are inaccurate and wildly overpriced. It is our top priority to get you what you are paying for and reduce time spent reviewing confusing contracts. CARE is the first software of its kind requiring transparency and fairness from the elevator and escalator industry.

CARE can be purchased in two ways: Advanced and Enterprise.

CARE Enterprise is our full-service management solution. For $65 per month, per unit, you can reduce your elevator costs by 25% and never have to speak to an elevator company again! With CARE enterprise, we will manage all aspects of your elevator portfolio on your behalf – we communicate directly with the vendor to ensure all maintenance and testing is complete. Every invoice and proposal will be audited with our CARE software and an expert will negotiate with the vendor to ensure you are paying a fair and just price. CARE is working behind the scenes 24/7 to pick up on trends in your service history to prevent future breakdowns and reduce tenant disruption. Together we build a strategic vertical transportation strategy, including building goals and budgets, then an AuditMate elevator expert will execute on your behalf to maximize equipment uptime, lifespan, and savings. If the vendor is not doing their job, we get your money back! CARE Enterprise comes with a liquidated damage calculator that tracks any contractual breach and AuditMate will collect the damages on your behalf.

CARE Advanced is our software-only solution for small building owners and managers. For $39 per unit, per month, you get all the power of the CARE data with none of the vendor headache. We will notify you anytime an action is required, just access our CARE portal to easily follow up on service, dispute an invoice, or ask an expert advice! This solution is perfect for a hands-on manager who wants elevator expert advice and auditing on demand!

CARE is used by all types of buildings from hospitals, retail, to high-rise office buildings working with partners like Nuveen Asset Management, Jones Lang La Salle, and CBRE. The elevator and escalator industry is niche and few outside of it have the expertise required to get the full value of your maintenance contract and not pay more than you should. We are your partner in vertical transportation; we speak elevator and work for you!

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