Do you want to connect more with your team, foster empowerment, and build connections that lead to real innovation?

Then let’s talk about how to develop your people and heart-centered leadership – because this is a path to getting there, my love!

In today’s episode, I invite Ashleigh Wilson, founder & CEO of AuditMate and amazing heart-centered people leader, to discuss her passion for putting people first, some of her best tips to become more people-focused in your leadership, and just how powerful this can really be in business.

Ready to dig into your authentic heart-centered leadership?

Let’s go to the show!

We dive into:

Developing your people & heart-centered leadership – and what this can really do for your career! Her TOP TIPS to help you be more people-focused in your approach to building teams & relationships A deep look at privilege – and leveraging it for the good of others Some pointers to help you better navigate missteps in your leadership The BEST piece of advice Ashleigh has ever received (and the WORST!) An amazing tip to uplevel your networking skills And more!

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