How to Learn to Ask For Help and Mentorship

Do you ask for help when you need it? Or is there something that stops you from reaching out to someone who has already accomplished something you are trying to achieve?

All too often founders can make the mistake of thinking they have to do it all themselves, talking themselves out of the big ask because they think the most successful people won’t be interested.

Here’s a hint: The very best ‘A Players’ always want to give forward and tend to reward those with the hustle to simply each out.

Ashleigh Wilson set out to build a technology business with no coding or technology background. Did that stop her? No. She reached out cold to the perfect person who could help her, and invaluable help is what she got.

Ashleigh is now disrupting the elevator and escalator business with a transformational innovation in that space. She’s the CEO and Founder of AuditMate, the first-ever elevator and escalator auditing and management software.

She saw her opportunity for disruption in the space by making it her mission to prove that putting people first is profitable. Ashleigh shares the power of vulnerability, why you should never be afraid to ask dumb questions, and why mentoring in business is the secret to your success. We also talk about how to be values-based and human-centric in your approach to success.



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